Changing things up

So it looks like the personal assistant position hasn’t really worked out and it wasn’t really for me. The company is amazing and the people are delightfully wonderful, so it was a shame. But I start a new job on Monday at our local newspaper, The Source. I am really excited and I will keep you posted on how I am doing in my new role as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER! Woo Hoo. I really hope this will be a great new experience for me.


Me…a personal assistant!

Yeppers that is me as of this week, a personal assistant. Just completed my first four days at work. First day felt like my brain was going to begin bleeding. Now that the weekend is here I know I have made the right decision. I am going to gain so much valuable knowledge on the graphic design industry I didn’t know coming out of school in December.

The company I now work for is Ironjet & they are located in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/Alberta.

The company has a big business feeling with a small company atmosphere. It is a wonderful combination that is rarely found these days.

I am currently the personal assistant to Lara Dobson, the director of sales for the company and co-owner. Lara has a great personality, an infectious laugh, a desire to please clients & staff and just all around is a brilliant person to have as a boss. I truly want to help her and Ironjet succeed. Hopefully I will be a great help to Lara & that she feels that she made the correct decision hiring a graphic designer, illustrator, pug lover and organizing freak.

Fingers crossed this becomes the permanent career I have been longing for ever since I graduated high school in 1996.


Tassel moved from left to right.

So it is now official, I am a graphic designer. May 9, 2013 I attended my graduation in Vancouver, British Columbia along with my loving family & delightful school friend. I was full of smiles and joy to see friends and fellow students, as well as, feeling like everything is now official because I moved the tassel from left to right on my cap. It was a great, no…scratch that, it was a brilliant feeling. To be 35 and have finally doing something I have always wanted to do by graduating from design school. I am just so happy.

I came away from the ceremony with a sense of accomplishment more than I did at my portfolio show.

Now to see where I will take this feeling.

Pen Pal, a thing of the past?

I received a  cheque in the mail today for payment of my children’s book, Zoe’s Dilemma, ordered by a friend. Theresa had sent me  a couple of artsy things along with the cheque. And this inspired me to ask Theresa a question.

Would you want to be my pen pal? (Since we no longer live in the same city, not even the same province at the moment).

These days the only mail I get are bills and random flyers. I miss the days of getting letters from friends. So I thought being a pen pal with another creative person would be something fun and enjoyable for the both of us.

Now I want to start working on something fun to send back to Theresa, I wonder what I could send her.

Hairy lines art project

Hairy Lines Logo

This month a new blog was created to inspire more artwork in the world & to inspire us artists to create something fun and for ourselves.

Hairy Lines:

Where did the name come from? Well my personal branding is the “illustrated mustache”. Which is used on my business card, resume, website, blog and my facebook page. So I wanted a creative project based blog name that would somehow work with my “illustrated mustache” name. Also in my first semester at The Art Institute of Vancouver my figure drawing instructor would constantly critic me for my use of hairy lines in my artwork. She tried to encourage me to use bolder strokes. I admit, I tried to do it her way for a while, but in the end I returned to the way I had been doing art since I was very young…with the use of hairy lines.

So hairy for a mustache and hairy lines for my personal style of art creation.

The movement begins.

Each month a new project inspiration will be listed on the blog. People are encouraged to work on these projects for a month only and submit their work to my email address so they can be featured on the blog. Or just do the artwork for themselves. It is a way to get myself to do artwork for me every month as well as others out there from around the world. I thought it would be a fun and highly creative project. I can’t wait to see where this can be taken. I hope it becomes a huge success for myself and other artists too.

illustrated mustache facebook “likes” give away

In February I had a give away contest announcement for reaching “50 likes” on my facebook page.  I stated I would give an illustration to the first ten people that “liked” my post and commented on the post with where they know me from. The posts quickly appeared.

I finally have completed the illustration, not realizing a month has already passed since the give away was announced – oops. Got to love life getting away from you while working on other amazing art projects.

Now all that needs to be done is get the illustration to the printer to be professionally printed since the test prints from the home printer just are not up to my standards.

Here is the illustration the 10 people will be receiving very soon (without the white watermark).

"Dreamer" by Emma Wilcox

Zombie Moment

Who said it? “The only person who could ever miss with this gun would be the sucker with the bread to buy it.” – Peter in Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Ghost Brigade – This 1993 movie features Confederate and Union soldiers that band together to combat a zombie outbreak among their dead comrades. The film was originally titled Grey Knight, but after it was screened for several audiences, producer Brad Krevoy decided it was “too artsy” and ordered it re-cut. The producer’s cut was released as Ghost Brigade in the United States and the Killing Box in Europe.

The word “zombie” is never used in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968). Instead the walking dead are referred to as “ghouls”.

Who said it? “If we hole up I want to be somewhere familiar, I want to know where the exits are and I want to be allowed to smoke.” – Ed in Shaun of the Dead (2004).

Dawn of the Dead (the original) – In typical Romero style, this 1978 zombie masterpiece satirizes American consumerism, self absorption and social decadence, as four survivors barricade themselves in a suburban shopping mall to escape swarms of flesh-eating zombies and end up indulging in shameless materialism as they loot the stores of clothing, jewelry and food. But their shopping spree comes to an end when a gang of bikers-accompanied by a horde of hungry undead-invade their sanctuary.

In 1982’s Creepshow, the marble ashtray that plays an important role in the first story, “Father’s Day,” is featured in all five of the film’s stories. Watch closely and you’ll see it.

Who said it? “Oh, for God’s sake! He’s got an arm off!” – Shaun in Shaun of the Dead (2004).

In Wes Craven’s 1988 film The Serpent and the Rainbow, Bill Pullman acted alongside a viper, a jaguar and a tarantula during filming. All the animals were raised in captivity and were relatively tame.

Who said it? “Wait, wait, wait, I’m sorry…why does he stay here while I go on the suicide mission to rescue Terry’s already-dead girlfriend?” – Steve in Dawn of the Dead remake (2004).

Friday * Zombie moment

Who said it? “Maybe you should do me. I’ll only muck it up if I have to do myself.” – Liz in Shaun of the Dead (2004)

During the lawnmower scene in 1992’s Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive), fake blood was pumped out at five gallons per second.

Survival Tactic – Secure a vehicle. The best type of vehicle to drive during the zombie apocalypse is a four-wheel drive SUV (with a snowplow if needed). This way you can travel across a variety of terrains and in different weather conditions.